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At Psychedelics Mushroom Bars Supply we are committed to providing access to thousands of prescription medications and products. The products that we offer come from fully licensed international pharmacy markets. By sourcing from a larger global marketplace, we can offer you prices that are often cheaper than those offered to you at your local drug store or pharmacy.  By working with only certified and licensed pharmacies, we ensure the products you have purchased are tightly regulated and licensed for sale in that country. Take a moment to compare our prices to the prices you find at your current provider; you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find. For more information see ‘about us’ page.

Disclaimer: The pictures displayed on our website may vary depending on the country of manufacture and country dispensing your product. 


We harness the natural flexibility and strength of mycelium, the material structure of fungi, to grow protective packaging at any scale by combining it with agricultural waste such as hemp, cork and sawdust.   

This offers a safe, sustainable and totally home-compostable alternative to plastic foams. Ideal for packaging, horticulture and interior design solutions. You could say we’re solving the plastic problem with the magic of mushrooms.   

Since 2020, we’ve produced over 500,000 pieces of Mushroom® Packaging and by 2023 we’ll effectively have removed more than 1,000 tonnes of EPS packaging from landfill. 

How to order

We can receive your prescription in several different ways. We accept prescriptions by phone, email or you can upload them via our website inventory. Alternatively, we are well prepared to contact your doctor directly for authorization on a new prescription or renewal – by phone or by fax. After you place your order, we require that you complete purchase payment. We will need the original in order to process future refills.

WHY Choose MushroomBarSupply.com?

The drugs we offer are being offered to you from the international market, and international prices can be much cheaper than your local medication prices. But cheap doesn’t mean low quality! The products dispensed by our pharmacy partners is tightly regulated and adheres to the standards required by their local and national regulatory agencies. AS an example, our US pharmacy dispenses only products that have been approved by Health US. Health US ensures that the products dispensed within United States meet their rigorous standards and these standards often meet or exceed the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety standards.
MushroomBarSupply.com is committed to saving you money on your prescription drugs and over the counter medicine that you currently purchase. More and more people are forced to choose between their health and the standard of living they have become accustomed to. MushroomBarSupply.com provides you a way to purchase your required medicine and still meet your current financial obligations! No hidden costs, no membership fees, just great saving on all your prescription needs.
MushroomBarSupply.com connects you with dispensaries around the world offering you tremendous choice and savings on your medication needs. You can save more money, by ordering the generic equivalent of your medications. Generics are therapeutically equivalent to the brand name product, and at a much lower cost. For additional savings, take advantage of our discounts for placing your order online.

Our Promises

There are some things in life we depend on. Medication is often one of them.
We promise to deliver simple ways to get the medication you need.


We help you find the medications you need at the lowest price available to you.


Everything we do centers on getting you the medication you need, when you need it, your way.


We’ll be here to guide you any time you need us with compassionate care and a simple experience.

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